The Origins of Limewedge

There was a time, back when people spent a lot of time in their house because of some Covid-iot (ha, classic), then a young man… OK a young-ish man named Chris Mead embarked on an idea which would change people’s home cocktail experiences forever.

Chris, or as he is now known, Chief Lime, has been a lover of craft cocktails for years, after working as a bartender in bars and restaurants throughout Bristol and Leicester. Regardless of the setting, the joy of these jobs consistently came from making someone’s night by bringing them a drink that was just right; complimenting their food, existing tastes or encouraging them to try something entirely new, then watching their face change to an expression of disbelieving enjoyment. 

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His love of experimenting with flavours and ingredients has flourished since these beginnings and, despite many years since then, working in an office qualifying as an accountant, and working in Finance for various corporations, has never dimmed, passionately bringing cocktails to friends houses regardless of the occasion, and setting up a ‘pride of place’ bar in his own home.

After a 6 month break from work to travel the world (and discover many new drinks), the return home coincided with a small event you may have heard about – the global coronavirus outbreak.

 Like so many people sat at home, Chris had more time to return to things he loved. His cocktail-y roots took, well, root, and an idea that had been in his head for several years finally came to full blossom: sharing delicious drinks with people at home for an affordable price. Letting people take a break from their standard pale ale, pinot grigio or rum and coke (shudder) and indulge in an experience they would previously have thought only open to them on an expensive night out.  

 Limewedge had arrived.  

By creating these themed boxes filled with different drinks, ingredients and techniques, the amateur mixologist at home (that’s you) can expand their horizons and be delighted with the results, month after month. The ideal gift for any occasion, but most importantly a special occasion for yourself every month.

 This is where the vision of these boxes came from. Not to be just a beverage, but to be an experience. Share with others or keep it all to yourself.

 And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the brief story of our Founder and Chief Lime Chris Mead and how Limewedge came to be. I’m sure there will be more exciting adventures yet, but for now, take a look at our products and join us on this journey.

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