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General Questions

What is Limewedge?

Limewedge is an experience. We want to give you the knowledge, products, curiosity & confidence to #beyourownbartender

We’ve got a range of products to help fulfil any cocktail need. Take a look over the right hand side of this page for more info.

What if I don't have the equipment?

That’s no problem. Generally the only thing you’ll need is something water tight to shake the cocktails in. We’ve seen jam jars, protein shakers & tuppaware to name a few ingenious methods.

If however you do want to proper kit, we do sell Starter Kits at a great discount when bought with another product

What ingredients comes in the boxes?

For all of our products, we include a picture showing you whats in your box, so there are no suprises. We also have an email after you purchase which let’s you know if there is anything you’ll need.

What ingredients don't you suppy?

With each purchase we make it very clear what is going to be included in the box. Whilst we’d love to give everything, sometimes that just isn’t practicle. But not supply certain ingredients (which are really easy for you to get hold of) we focus that value on the alcohol.

Generally we don’t supply:

– Garnishes

– Lemon / Lime juice

– Dairy

– Cupboard staples



What about allergies & intollerencies?

 Allergens including nuts, peanuts, sesame, eggs, dairy, gluten and soya may be present in our suppliers products or premise. We therefore can never guarantee that traces of these allergens will not be found.

Please contact us if you have queries regarding ingredients or allergens.

How much is delivery?

For orders over £30 we offer free shipping. For ordes below, it’s £2

When can I expect my box?

Usually it takes between 3-5 working days.

What do I do if my box hasn't arrived?

Each order gets a shipping email with tracking information on it.

If however it taken a lot longer than expected, please get in touch with us. WHilst we don’t have any more information, we an try and rectify the situation.

Some items were broken / weren't included in the delivery?

We do take every effort to make sure your box will arrive in one piece, sometimes accidents happen.

Just snap a quick pic of the damaged bottles, send them over to use just telling us what’s happened and we’ll get replacements out to you ASAP.

Can I pick the subscription box I want?

Here at Limewedge, we really want to deliver you an experience you haven’t had. Whether that’s a particular ingredient, combination or technique. We want to be able to add to the list of your favourite cocktails. We think that allowing a selection would mean people just picked what they wanted, which would leave some of the lovely cocktails on the shelf. 

If you really liked a box you had previously, if you get in touch we might be able to give you a little discount.

If your really don’t like the box, get in touch before you’re box is shipped and we can see what we can do.

Can I pause my subscription?

You can skip the next order of you subscription in your account area. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

If you’re on the Rollin’ monthly subscription, it’s easy, just cancel the order through your account area.

If you are on a longer subscription, please get in touch with our custome service team.

About our products

Monthly cocktail box subscription

Every month the Chief Lime think up new and amazing cocktails around an awesome theme. Our monthly subscription ensure you get all the newest tastiest cocktails first.

You can sign up for monthly, 3, 6 or 12 months, and get rewarded for your commitment with up to 17% per box!

Cocktail boxes

These are the boxes that the Chief Lime has invented. Each box contains 6 amazing drinks from 3 delicious recipes.

Each box revolves around a theme, such as Dinner Party, Boozy Brunch etc. to make it loads more exciting!

Limewedge Favourites

If you just want 1 cocktail in your box, then Limewedge favourites are for you. We got a select few of our favourite cocktails and you can buy a box with 2, 4 or 6 drinks worth of that cocktail. 

Limewedge Twists (coming soon)

Limewedge Twists are something in the pipeline that were really excited for.

We’ve taken some of those iconic cocktails and created a box with a few twists. Each box will come with 6 drinks from 3 recipes.  The classic recipe, along with 2 other amazing Limewedge Twists.

For example, our Espresso Martini Twist box might come with an Espresso Martini, Salted Caramel Espresso Martini and a Flat Whit-ini.

If your interested, sign up using our form HERE

Limewedge Moments (coming soon)

If you want to expand your cocktail horizon with perfectly mixed drinks, then Limewedge Moments are for you.

Pre-made cocktails mixed by the Chief Lime and his team delivered directly to your door. What could be better than that.

Sign up to here about our new product releases HERE.

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