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Pre-ordering the Christmas Cocktails box

We are very excited to let people get hold of the Christmas Cocktails box. So you can now pre-order. This is so we can ensure stock and delivery of the boxes. 

 We will ship the pre-ordered boxes at the start of December.

Should we not be able to fulfil all orders, we will prioritise our subscribers (so for the best chance of getting your box, subscribe!), then fulfil based on first come first serve. 

So… Limewedge… what is it?

That’s a….that’s definitely a question. Kind of.

Here at Limewedge we want to deliver you an experience.

Each month you’ll get a total of 6 drinks from 3 different cocktail recipes, 2 of each, because cocktails are always better with company. We curate the drinks to go with the theme of the box, giving you a much more delightful experience than just a bunch of drinks.

But how you enjoy them is up to you. All in one sitting, dressed up and really getting into the swing; or just one shared with friends or family . So long as you have fun, enjoy the drinks and come away with a little more knowledge and love for cocktails. We’ve done our job.

Please share your experiences with the team and on social media, connect with us using the links at the bottom of the page.

I like the idea, but i don’t have the equipment.

We’re glad you like it, but don’t worry. We are going to help you through the learning.

We do have starter kits for all the equipment you’ll need (maybe if you subscribe you might get a really good deal). We also give detailed instructions with each pack. We are also adding more tit bits onto our site from our Founder and Chief Lime, Chris Mead, to answer and explain some more interesting parts of mixology.

But, if you’re still having issues, please CONTACT US and we will be more than happy to help

I love making cocktails, but I don’t have the equipment.

No worries, we do have starter kits available, with a pretty generous discount with those who purchase them when they subscribe.

If you don’t fancy that quite yet, you can get by with household items. So long as you have a watertight container for shaking; a sieve for straining; a spoon for stiring and an eye for measuring; you should be OK.

I love Limewedge, but don’t know how to spread the word

Aww, well shucks. We’re glad you are enjoying the drinks and hope you continue to for years to come.

You could make sure you’ve connected with us on social media, posting your pic’s and tagging us and sharing our story.

What ingredients comes in the boxes?

Here at Limewedge our first focus is getting you the best and widest selection of cocktails for you to try. To do this, we focus hard on the alcohol as this is the most difficult (and expensive) bit for our wonderful budding Mixologists.

However, we know you want to just rip the box open and get started, so we will try to provide you with everything we can to make your cocktails. The only things we don’t supply are store cupboard essentials, which you can find about more below.

What don’t you supply?

There are only 3 things that we won’t supply:

1. Garnishes – These are the wonderful little decorative pieces of loveliness that elevate your cocktail from tasty to Instagram sensation. To get the full effect, we recommend garnishing, but the cocktails will be just as tasty without.

2. Lemons / Limes – We don’t provided these because they are so integral to the cocktails taste, that they need to be fresh. We could give you bottled stuff, but we feel it’s does you and the cocktails an injustice.

3. Dairy – given the range of amazing alternatives out there, we thought it would be easier to cater to peoples specific tastes and dietary requirement to let our wonderful customers make this decision. Whilst we always believe cream / milk to be the best, the oat, soya and almond varieties out there are great substitutes and, if paired properly, could be even better.

We will let you know well in advance what you will require for your next Limewedge cocktail journey, to give you plenty of time to peruse all those Farmers markets for that perfect looking mint leaf.

when can i expect my box

We would love to send you the box the minute you order on the backs of beautiful white doves. But because of Dove Union rules, we can’t do that without a permit.

Because of that, it can take 3-5 working days. However, this may be delayed due to Covid-19’s effect on our couriers outside of our control. 

Can i pause my subscription

We assume this is breaking your heart as much as it is ours. But if you love someone, you must set them free and hopefully they will come back.

To clarify, of course you can, so long as you don’t stop loving the Limewedge.

Can i pick the drinks / box i want

Here at Limewedge, we really want to deliver you an experience you haven’t had. Whether that’s a particular ingredient, combination or technique. We want to be able to add to the list of your favourite cocktails. We think that allowing a selection would mean people just picked what they wanted, which would leave some of the lovely cocktails on the shelf. 

If you really liked a box you had previously, if you email members@lime-wedge.co.uk they might be able to give you a little discount.

What happens if I don’t like a drink in my box?

Here at Limewedge, we pride ourselves on giving you the opportunity to try new flavours without breaking the bank. 

Unfortunately, whilst we make every effort to avoid it, there may be a drink or two in your (hopefully) long love affair with Limewedge that may not be your tipple of choice. For this we are truly sorry, but comes as part of the action of expanding your horizons. Which is always awesome.

what about allergies?

Please contact us if you have queries regarding ingredients or allergens. Allergens including nuts, peanuts, sesame, eggs, dairy, gluten and soya may be present in our suppliers products or premise. We therefore can never guarantee that traces of these allergens will not be found.

I’ve gone crazy and want to cancel my subscription


 Sorry, had to pry Chief Lime from under the desk crying. Even the thought of someone not being totally psyched about Limewedge breaks his great, big, limey heart. 

But, if you aren’t fully satisfied with your boxes, then we are truly sorry we haven’t met your expectations. 

If this is the case, we would be grateful if you could give us feedback, so we can improve our service for our customers. But if you just want to cancel, you can do this through your account.


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