Lockdown hampering your events

We know coming up with an awesome event which everyone loves is difficult, especially when you can’t be the same room! But don’t worry, Limewedge has got your back. We can offer a range of packages, delivering great value drinks, to really get that team spirit up and running.

Take a look at our packages below, get in touch and we can get this party started!


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Evening Tipple

  • Choose from any of our current range
  • Delivery to separate addresses at no cost
  • Get a cocktail masterclass as well for only £50
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Night Out

  • Choose any 3 recipes from any of our boxes
  • Delivery to separate addresses at no cost
  • Cocktail masterclass included
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Shin Dig

  • Completely bespoke recipes made just for you
  • Customized recipe cards for your guests to enjoy
  • Delivery to seperate addresses at no cost
  • Cocktail masterclass included

With each of our packages, you can add the entertainment touch and give you team a little more show with a cocktail masterclass delivered by our Founder and Chief Lime, Chris Mead. These run between 45-60 minutes.

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