Terms and conditions for festive events


1.      A 50% deposit must be made in order to secure your booking

2.      The remainder of the invoice must be paid by the day of the event

Should the company cancel the event, this deposit will not be refunded. But the remainder of the invoice will be. Should the company cancel the event within 5 working days, the invoice is still full payable.


The below timescales outlines when certain activities must be undertaken in order to mitigate the increased strain on the delivery network during this time

1.      The deposit and final number of guests must be confirmed at least 10 working days before the event

2.      The delivery information must be provided at least 6 working days prior to the event

3.      As issues with box contents or missing deliveries must be raised as soon as possible.

Any failure to meet these requirements may mean the products will not arrive in time, for which Limewedge will not be liable.

As long as Limewedge sends the boxes 5 working days prior to the event, they will not be liable for any delays within the courier network.


1.      Only the number of boxes quoted and paid for in the deposit shall be guaranteed.

2.      Should the difference between the final number of boxes ordered and the deposit amount be greater than 10%, Limewedge reserves the right to invoice the customer for the cost of the extra stock

a.      For example, if Company A has a deposit for 100 boxes and only orders 50, Limewedge reserves the right to invoice the customer for 50 additional boxes (at cost)